Thursday, August 8, 2013

Maya 2014 SP2 released

Maya 2014 SP2 is now out in the wild and ready for download!

Its mostly if not totally bug fixes.. but that's cool with me.

This Service pack is a FULL release, so be sure to uninstall your previous Maya 2014 before installing this service pack!


                  Bug Number Description
    • MAYA-23241   Fixed crash undoing the merge of animLayers.
    • MAYA-25123 Fixed HIK regression causing spine joints to have unexpected transform values after characterization. 
    • MAYA-25127 Fixed hang in Graph Editor when massive numbers of keys are selected.
    • MAYA-25620   Animation not updated when setting a key with animation layers. 
    • MAYA-25717 Fixed skinCluster binding issue.  
    • MAYA-26089 Fixed issue with smooth skin clusters and popping vertices when painting weights.  
    • MAYA-26093 HIK : Baking auxiliary effector is corrupting referenced file. 
    • MAYA-26221 Global scale in HumanIK not working on Mac and Linux.  

    • MAYA-21980   Pre-selection highlighting flickers when camera-based selection is enabled.
    • MAYA-22931   Detach edge breaks locked vertex normal.
    • MAYA-23694 Fixed mismatch of vertex normal method on shape node. 
    • MAYA-22948 Selection Constraints do not work with Marquee.
    • MAYA-25787 Fixed crash when using Artisan on a mesh with no UVs.  
    • MAYA-25797 Fixed a crash when changing display mode after lattice work. 
    • MAYA-26348 Remove the In View Messaging for soft select radius for better performance of Soft Selection Tool. 
    • MAYA-26500 polyEdgeToCurve crashes when evaluating inputComponents if inputMesh is invalid. 
    • MAYA-24840 Fixed an undo crash when using the Multi-Cut tool.   
    • MAYA-25524 Polygon Constraint window "Reset and close" button randomly crashes
    • MAYA-26697 Surface Precision set to “High” causes NURBS in shaded mode to be drawn offset
    • MAYA-23938 Quad draw: construction history is always created when using quad draw and a transform constraint
    • MAYA-23070 Crash when doing a polySeparate on some meshes

    • MAYA-24829 Maya on Mac OS X hangs on exit in TCIPClient::shutdown
    • MAYA-26539 CERs on Mac OS X 10.9 cannot get assigned to buckets
    • MAYA-18962   Maya crashes when creating Lattice deformer for nParticle that has been converted to Polygon.   
    • MAYA-20555   Panel tear off causes crash when a plug-in tool is active.  
    • MAYA-24579 Fixed a problem in the .Net dagexplorer (wpfexample) sample plug-in.
    • MAYA-25019   Can't unload plug-ins that are derived from MPxDataType.  

    File Referencing - Reference Edits
    • MAYA-25752   File referencing: post-load callback massively increasing load times (complicated by nodeEditorPanel data). 
    • MAYA-26262   Fixed a crash with export as reference.  
    • MAYA-26477 Parent reference edits are not persistent. 

      mental ray  
      • MAYA-20369   Fixed a problem where Mayatomr plug-in was causing the scene to prompt to save even when it was unchanged. 
      • MAYA-25074 Fix for UV Texture Editor with legacy style plug-in shaders.
      • MAYA-25246 Fixed crash after selecting Use Selected Lights for lighting on new scene. 
      • MAYA-24958 Fixed a crash with batch playblasts on Mac OS X  if "-showOrnaments" is disabled. 
      • MAYA-24396 Camera aim and up cannot be selected in Viewport 2.0.
      • MAYA-24395 Skinning: Mesh display is incorrect when zooming out of Viewport 2.0 while in the Paint Skin Weights Tool.
      • MAYA-26489 Batch render does not render ornaments (HUD) when using the Maya Hardware 2.0 renderer.
      • MAYA-24121 "Show ornaments" toggle does not work in Viewport 2.0 playblasts
      • MAYA-17875 Apparent interaction between viewport plug-ins and mental ray IBL “Hardware Exposure”

      Scene Assembly
      • MAYA-24498 Fixed scene assembly issue where some edits would persist unexpectedly when switching representations. 
      • MAYA-25047 MPxAssembly node compute method is now invoked when necessary. 

      UI General  
      • MAYA-25920   Removed a previous windows optimization that is no longer needed, which caused a slowdown in the Graph Editor on  Mac OS X and Linux.  

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