Friday, November 8, 2013

3December User's group Meeting : December 11th

Last one of the year!
 Okay So I've got one last Users group meeting for you guys, and since its in December, it counts as a 3December Event..   get it,, 3 D ...

Mark Schonnagal is coming to show how to harness the power of softimage from maya  using  the interoperability tools between maya and soft.  Mark is the lead application engineer for Autodesk softimage.

Brian Drewes of ZYNC will be on hand to give a demo of their cloud based online rendering solution.  We've talked a lot about cloud based render and storage systems and ZYNC, and I'm eager to see a little more into what zync is,  and how it can ease the pain of render farms for small studios and artists.

Brian Drewes is the CEO and co-founder of ZYNC. With nearly 20 years experience as a producer and executive producer on the west and east coast on both commercials and feature films, Brian started ZYNC as a solution to allow boutique facilities and individual artists to utilize massive and powerful computing resources in an on-demand hourly fashion without needing any of the capital start up costs that come with building and maintaining a large render farm.


Kyle Raffile of ZERO VFX will be showing off some of their latest work for RAM trucks made with Maya and Vray and rendered with the help of the ZYNC platform.

Kyle Raffile is a CG Artist at Zero VFX. After graduating in 2009 and freelancing in NYC, he joined Zero VFX as a staff artist in 2011 and has worked on both national commercial spots and feature films.

Zero VFX:
Founded in Boston in 2010 by VFX industry veterans, Zero VFX provides the care and attention to clients of a boutique environment while delivering high end visual effects on numerous national TV commercials and feature films including "Here Comes the Boom", "Zookeeper", "The Way Way Back" and the forthcoming David O. Russell project "American Hustle". Zero's entire rendering pipeline is based on cloud computing and the scalable, on-demand power that ZYNC provides.

This meeting is going to be at the Woolworth Building down by city hall as hosted by NYU CADA!

Woolworth Building
15 Barclay Street - Room 430
NY, NY 10279

6:30pm to 9:30pm
please RSVP to :

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Refreshments and Technical Support Graciously provided by CineSys-Oceana