Tuesday, December 8, 2015

GINGERBREED : The Motion Picture .. on kickStarter !

     Many of you may already know Szymon Weglarski and Jonathan Dorfman from their commercial and television effects work from their co founded studio HIFI3D , but you may not be aware of their ongoing personal project "GingerBreed".    
    Started as part of their 2002 Pratt  thesis , Gingerbreed was a way to test their skills and learn visual effects.  Now 10 years later, after freelancing around NYC and creating their own emmy awarding winning studio they are ready to get back to what started it all..  A visual effects heavy sci fi spoofy film about gingerbread men who come alive and wreak havok on a small crew aboard a spaceship.

  What I like about this is that Jonathan and Szymon kept the project going on all these years. They improved the script, previsualizd the entire film in 3D, setup a small green screen set to film paid actors, and continue to finish shots for the movie in their "spare" time with their own money.    We all have those projects we started and never finished and always say we will go back to , but never do.  Szymon and Jonathan are doing it! 

 They just released the trailer and launched a kickstarter campaign and could use all the help they can get..  I want to see this film finished !  You should want to see this film get finished. 

  Follow the links to take look at their kickstarter campaign and get an exclusive look at the first trailer for "Gingerbreed:The Motion Picture".

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm9khGRz81k