Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Maya 2017 : "workarounds"

now that maya 2017 has been released to the gen pop, a few bugs and workarounds are popping up on the net..  I will try and keep on top of them and post them here:

  • Can't snap objects or pivots to Nurbs Cvs on Curves on Nurbs Objects
    This appears to be a VP2.0 issue.. if you change your render mode for your panel to "legacy" it should snap with no issues. 
   alternatively you can turn on Display - Nurbs - CVS to show nurbs curve and object cvs permenantly, and then snapping will work in VP2.0 

  • Centering pivot on Clusters results in non-centered pivot ( legacy issue)
  • snapping to cluster handles results in offset (VP2.0 issue) 
  When you try and center pivot on a cluster handle it moves the pivot to the wrong position.  I think it's got something to do with the little "C" shape . I just tried a quick solution which is to replace the "weighted node" with a locator in the same position, that has had it's transforms frozen. ( and it appears to work) 

  • Custom Hotkeys keep getting forgotten
Currently maybe you could use this workaround for the problem: Link a hotkey set to the workspace explicitly. Then the hotkey set will remain after Maya restarts or switching workspaces.
To link a hotkey set to a workspace, you can 
1) Open Windows->Workspaces menu
2) Click the option box of the workspace Maya is current in (little cube beside the workspace name).
3) Check on "Enable a Hotkey Set to this workspace"
4) Choose the hokey set you want to link
5) Apply and Close

  • slowness when Mash is loaded
unload Mash from your plug-ins if you are not using it, and you should notice a speed increase in Maya

  • Arnold Batch Rendering has watermark
Buy  a license of Arnold from solid angle https://www.solidangle.com/arnold/arnold-for-maya/

Menu - Render - Render Sequence - as set up in render settings.

  • changes to Maya Rendering FAQ


  • can't select curves in Graph editor
For some reason there is now a default hotkey of "m" to allow you to select curves in the graph editor.  So, you can either leave this on, and hold "m" to select curves, or under the "select" menu of the Graph Editor.. toggle the check box for "select curves" on 

  • UNDO QUE gets flushed (randomly) 
I've often heard people complain about this, and I know there are a few scripts and plug-ins out there, that flush and also sometimes shut the undo que off.   
but I just learned about a known issue/feature  that when you import/reference/load or reload or remove a reference Maya will flush the Undo Que.. This is mainly because those types of actions are I/O based and the undo can't normally handle the memory for full scene undo/redo ( or it would kill your memory) 
This includes "dragging" files into Maya, as that acts as an import I/O function
as well as using copy/paste from other open Maya sessions ( ctrl+c , ctrl +v) which also act like "import"  .   and I know a lot of people do that, but I highly recommend against it, as you lose all control for the import and can lead to all sorts of bad node clashing. 

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Brek Brek said...

I need help guys, googled for help all morning. I suddenly cannot select any points in maya 2017 graph editor either singly or drag selct multiple. I have deleted prefs file, repaired and reinstalled.