Monday, August 5, 2013

face shift marker less facial motion capture

When I first saw this I got pretty excited.  Its markless facial capture down with a kinect or similar device.  Apparently the people who actually build the kinect sensor bar, also make higher end versions of it.

 The kinect sensor of course is really cheap, and even the higher end sensor bar shown here is around $200 from

and the software even comes with  a free plug-in for maya.

all very cool.

 Only catch , at least for personal use, is the face shift software itself costs. it comes in two price points.

So $1500 a year, or $800 a year.   so for the average person, a little steep. but for a studio, not so bad.

you just lose the realtime streaming with the freelance version.

still, it looks pretty awesome..    and they do offer a 30 day trial, and a $150 a year for noncommercial projects. ( video after some pics)   I hope to get a trial of it soon!

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