Thursday, June 23, 2016

Madhaven J's animation tests

Its great to see some nice cartoony stretchy effects... 
I don't know this animator, but I like where he's headed

No Idea from Madhavan J on Vimeo.

Baseball-Throw from Madhavan J on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Animating with Aim Constraints...

Animator Richard Lico of  PolyArc has posted a bunch of cool animations and demo material including  a great tutorial with a lot of insight into how he works. A lot of nice animation tips and tricks in here...

Animating With Aim Constraints from Richard Lico on Vimeo.

Working in-place or translating for a run cycle? from Richard Lico on Vimeo.

Monk Recoil from Richard Lico on Vimeo.

Monk_Attack from Richard Lico on Vimeo.

Andre Silke's create3dCharacters 1 hour Free tutorial on Maya's graph editor

Super talented and experienced animator Andrew Silke has started a site for learning 3d character animation, called   He's already got a few tutorials on there, and he just put out an hour long.. yes HOUR LONG tutorial in about 13 + parts on youtube..

check it out,, and I'm sure if you like it, his other tutorials are worth the $10.00 / month site subscription.