Friday, August 12, 2016

Quick Pipe 1.5 updates from Adnan Chaumette

Adnan Chaumette just released a couple of new videos for his Maya plug-in Quick Pipe, for creating complicated pipes along curves ....  a little bit more powerful than the normal Maya extrude.

available on gum road:

from gumroad:

Quick Pipe is a curve-edge based path creation tool for Maya.With it’s selection-based formula,Quick Pipe lets you create simple shapes like tubes,pipes,corrugated pipes and more complex meshes like tunnels,caves,floaters,floating bevels,welding and many more.

For studio licensing please contact me with this Email :

You can stay in the tool’s comfort zone and prototype with it as much as you want or go crazy and experiment with all it's advanced options to see the results happening in real-time.

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