Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Masters of Animation & Visualization from UTSALA !

Imagine having a
"University of Technology Sydney Animal Logic Academy Master of Animation and Visualisation "  degree?

From what I can tell this is kinda like playing house, but for vfx, where you go to work 9-5 and treated like an employee to garner "studio experience" , guided by artists and professionals from Animation Studio Animal Logic..  best known for "Happy Feet", and "the lego movie" , and currently in production on the "Lego batman Movie".

 So often we hear that studio's are looking for artists with "experience", which makes it hard for people to get experience, without getting their first job..   UTSALA looks to be created to do just that.  Help Students get that ever so needed studio experience. Offering a 1 year course for $45,735 AUS( or $34,800 american)

 You won't be working on anything in production, but on projects within the school.   This isn't a "what's better than free employees?, one's that pay you to work for them!" situation.

I think this is actually a really great idea.. I'm not sure how it will pan out vs getting an internship or working for scale at a studio, vs working collaboratively in another art school like SVA.

A lot more info here at their site: ( but hurry, applications close in 64 hours...)

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