Monday, September 9, 2013

ATDSK software rental plans

So it was inevitable , but it looks like they've learned from the Adobe back lash.. Autodesk is going to offer a rental plan along with traditional perpetual licenses.

rather than speculate too much, I'll just point you right to the source.

link here:


1: What is an Autodesk software rental plan?
Autodesk is adding software rental plans as a flexible new way to pay for Autodesk software. Now you can choose to buy a rental plan and pay as you go on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. You'll have access to a fully-featured version of Autodesk software and stay up to date with the latest tools.
2: Which Autodesk Media & Entertainment products are offered with software rental plan licensing?
Autodesk 3ds Max software
Autodesk Maya software
Autodesk Maya LT software
Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite
Standard, Premium and Ultimate editions
For a complete list of Autodesk software rental plans, please refer to the Autodesk Software Rental Plan FAQ
3: Do I have to choose a rental plan if I want to purchase Autodesk software?
With new rental plans, you have more choices on how to buy Autodesk software. You can choose to buy a rental plan or a perpetual license depending on what works best for you.
4: How much do rental plans cost?
Cost will vary by product and by the length (monthly, quarterly, or annual) of the rental plan. In all cases, you pay up front for the full duration of the rental plan. And, the longer the commitment you make, the more you can save. For more information on Autodesk rental plan pricing, visit, the Autodesk Store, or speak to an Autodesk Authorized Reseller.
5: Are there any differences in the software depending on how I license it?
Both software rental plans and perpetual licenses offer the same full, commercial version of Autodesk software that you install on your desktop. You also have similar maintenance and support options whether you buy a rental plan or a perpetual license with Autodesk® Subscription. The primary difference is that when a rental plan ends, the software stops working until you renew your plan or purchase a new rental plan. With a perpetual license if you stop renewing your Subscription you will lose the maintenance and support benefits; however, your software will continue to function. Regardless of how you buy, you will always retain ownership of your work and the files you created within the software.
6: What happens when my rental term ends?
Rental plans purchased on the Autodesk Store will automatically renew at the end of each term. Software rental plans purchased from an Autodesk Authorized Reseller allow you to choose whether or not to renew at the end of each term.
7: Are rental plans right for everybody?
Not necessarily. Autodesk is adding rental plans to give you more choices in how you pay for and access software. For freelancers or small businesses, rental plans can be a great choice that provides immediate access to Autodesk software without the full upfront cost of a perpetual license. Rental plans can also be a good way to ramp up for a short-term project. For longer projects, or for people planning to use Autodesk software on an ongoing basis, a perpetual license plan with Subscription may be your best choice.
8: Will a rental plan cost me more in the long run?
Software rental plans may end up costing you more than a perpetual license, depending on how long you use the software. For short-term use, rental plans can be a cost-effective way to access Autodesk software. If you are going to use the software on a regular and ongoing basis, you should consider the cost benefits of paying for a perpetual license with Autodesk Subscription. You can decide which option works best for you based on your project pipeline and budget.
9: When and where can I buy an Autodesk Rental Plan?
Rental plans will be available soon. You'll be able to purchase a monthly or annual rental plan directly from the Autodesk Store. You can purchase quarterly or annual plans from an Autodesk Authorized Reseller. For more information, see the 'buy' page for the Autodesk product you're interested in on
10: Where can I go to get more information on Autodesk software rental plans?
Find out more about Autodesk software rental plans at

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