Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MASH 2.0 released

I've only played a little with MASH but I liked what I could see so far.. It looks like they've added a little bit more functionality, and stability in the next release.
and with that comes  a new price  £89.99

if you haven't played with it, I highly recommend checking out the tutorials and downloading the trial version.   ( its not ice for maya, but it does do a lot of cool procedurally node based setups)

mash 2.0 highlight demo reel

some of the new Features in Mash 2.1

  • Flight node
  • math node
  • initial state node
  • multi curve node now allows for multiple curves
  • random node min max sliders added
  • offset node now features "closest point on mesh" 
  • distribute node features more options
  • mute node 
  • orient node
  • ability to delete and maintain connections on any mash node
  • faster as its not 100% C++ based
  • supports maya instancer
  • menu based setup vs shelf button for simplified use
  • extensive bug fixing

there are also a number of updates and bug fixes all listed on the Mainframe site:

mash: crowd tutorial

mash Flight node:

mash: Flight along a curve

mash: flight and obstacles

mash: flight Predator / prey

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