Friday, July 19, 2013

Anzovin - ART - preview update / TSM update

Just posting some of the updates that have recently come along with ART from Anzovin

 for those of you that missed it, Raf Anzovin and his team have been developing a new paradigm in tools for rigging in maya.
  Rather than using Bones, the ART tools use a bone spline.   Not only does this help out tremendously with giving artists the ability to stretch , bend, and twist their joints nicely, it adds a host of functionality in terms of volume preservation, being able to add additional controls at any place and even slide them, and a built in Pose Space Deformer System.

 Still in pre-alpha but pushing forward, Raf put out some new videos highlighting the current development

ART - preview

ART - setup for non-cartoony rigging

ART - constraint

ART - rigging a torso

They've also put out a new video for "The Setup Machine"

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