Friday, June 28, 2013

atdsk: Meet the Experts - Ptex painting in Mudbox

From what I can tell, this is the exact same presentation from the webinar a couple days ago...

Mostly focuses on painting and working with Ptex in maya

What is Ptex?  ( to me ptex is how you repair a divot in your snowboard base)

  • Per Face texture assignment
  • UV free workflow
  • Uniform, balanced, smooth texture, layout
  • production proven:  Disney/Pixar open source project
  • PRman, Mental ray, vray supported.. and some other renderers

Brief History

Pros & Cons


  • instant setup, no need to create and layout uvs
  • zero distortion and limited seam issues ( if any) 
  • no need to iterate or make special uv setups
  • can instantly start texturing, with the ability to export to uv maps later when they are created

  • still doesn't support all texture formats
  • not supported all render engine and game engines
  •  not editable in a 2D package
  • vert changes need to update uvs  ( still not sure what the best protocol is on this one) 

and here as promised is the webinar video from ATDSK expert :   Craig Barr

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