Friday, November 11, 2016

Maya 2017 Bonus Tools

Steven Roselle releases a nice overview of all the bonus tool additions and updates for 2017

  For those you unfamiliar with Bonus tools, they are a lot of small production tools packaged up to a menu set for Maya. Sometimes these tools will find there way into the next version , but more often than not I treat them as "possibilities" and jumping off points for scripts that you could update and add yourself.   But they do include a lot of tools that make your life easier. 

 Bonus tools does have in installer so it will hijack some of  your personal setup, like hotkeys and some menus. So be sure to save a copy of your prefs before installing , just to make sure you don't over write some of your own custom setups. 
  For me, I generally install bonus tools to a fresh preferences, and then pick out the tools I want and copy them over to my Maya preferences.  ( case in point there are several hotkeys like ctrl + 2 that will activate the HUD for bonus tools Display ,, I've already got that mapped, and would like to keep my own settings) 

bonus tools available here:

of note:
  •  weight editor window ( windows only) 
  • rigging performance tracking
  • Display Control   ( hud display controls)
  • navigate graph marking menu 

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