Friday, April 29, 2016

Maya 2016 Ext 2 : Symmetrical Modeling Workflows from Steven Roselle

Steven Roselle takes us thru about 20 minutes of symmetrical modeling workflows 
( yes almost 20 minutes) 

All the Maya Modeling tools are now fully symmetrical compatible

  • selections, preSelections 
  • connect tool
  • multi-cut tool   ( which just keeps getting better) 
  • offset edge loop
  • insert edge loop tool
  • vertex normal tool 
  • quad draw ( which actually makes retopo fun 
  • transform constraints ( which now has the normal option!!!! )
 as well as some non-dynamic functions for flipping and mirroring, which can also be accessed from the new  blendShape manager tool

  • edit Mesh | symmeterize
  • edit Mesh | flip
  • uv flipping

I didn't seem him mention it in the video, but you also can do all these symmetrical functions based on world space, or by selecting a component on your mesh    

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