Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 25th maya users group meet up

Yes, we are back, and it's a new year, and time for a meeting. ( finally) 

 Sorry about the late notice, but I hope you guys still make it down to SVA Wednesday night, March 25th   to come visit with MPC and Zync. 

 Artists from MPC NY are going to show off some behind the scenes of their latest super bowl commercial "Fable" featuring the tortoise and a very hairy hare.   MPC's fur grooming and rendering tools are pretty amazing and they are willing to show some of how it all works and how they create such amazing work with it. 

ZYNC cloud rendering..  
Todd Prives from ZYNC is going to fill us all in on what is going on in the unlimited power of Cloud Based Rendering using the Google cloud platform..  Already used by countless studios on block buster films, the ZYNC render manager creates an effortless portal to pretty much the most powerful machines you can even dream of.  

Graciously hosted by SVA computer art !!

Meeting is planned on starting at 7:30 and run to about  10:30 

SVA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects
301C, 3rd Floor
133 West 21st Street
between 6th & 7th Ave.

see you there !!



Lester Banks said...

would love for you to do a small write up on lesterbanks.com summarizing where ZYNC is at these days on google cloud. Maybe shoot me an email?

Martin Emerson said...

Please forgive the possibly silly question, but is this event open to anyone who is interested?

smann said...

Hey Martin,
Sorry about the huge delay, but Yes, The events are open to everyone interested !..

We have another meeting on Maya 26th at the NYC autodesk office.. stay tuned for more info !