Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 27th Meet Up Recap

First off I want to thank our presenters Lee Fraser , James Dick and Will Frazier.  As well as Autodesk, and Great Eastern tech for providing the space and refreshments.

 Some quick notes from Lee's presentation:

Probably the biggest thing to look forward to in  Maya  2015 ext 1 is the new color management. This is going to be a huge leap forward!.  The profiler is great for figuring out what's wrong with your scene..the next step is figuring out how to fix what's wrong.  

 Bifrost and Xgen keep improving everyday.

 Lee briefly mentioned the "h" key will now be for toggling visibility, and using the middle mouse button on a menu to repeat last action in an effort to make it more "artist friendly".  I'm still not sold on the "h" key as it will globally hide or show all your selected objects. So its really only toggling off your last selected object.. Keep an eye out for accidentally hitting that key.

I'm actually excited for the new wire frame coloring options. As I tend to stay away from using display overrides for coloring my control curves ( display layers break this) .

The planned release for Maya 2015 Ext 1 is September 10th 

Also ,, Face Shift  is looking pretty cool and if you are into low-budgetish motion capture. It looks to be a great option.

 James and Will showed off the job they had to pull off from start to finish in about 30 days . AllState360 and really delved into some of the things you have to do to get that quality of work done in that little of time. In a word. Make a great track, and trust it will all work in the end.  Awesome work and super cool to see all the things that went into the making of.

In honor of the two presentations I made a quick ( like I spent maybe 5 minutes) making a house and covering it with bifrost rain..

Thanks for everyone coming out, we had a pretty good turn out, and it seemed like everyone had a good time.

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