Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nathan Love Gets Physical

In case you haven't noticed, you can now take 3D models and print them in real life...

 Joe Burrascano and his amazing Nathan Love team recently posted a few images of their Toucan Sam printed in glorious 3D and hand painted to match their shaded models from the commercials. The detail on this print is truly amazing, along with the character design and build in 3D.

From the Nathan Love page :

"Hats off to the amazing Dave Cortes and his Cortes Studio! This guy knows toy prototyping and has an amazing printer - this isn't even the highest resolution!"

Not only is Dave Cortes a amazingly talented artist, he also offers 3D modeling and rapid prototyping services. Be sure to check out his site for his sculptures in both 3D and physical forms.  and for more info on his 3d modeling services .

Hopefully we'll soon be seeing prints of all the Nathan Love Characters !!

( in case you missed the Froot Loops commercials.. here are the two that I know of ) 

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