Monday, January 13, 2014

Daryl Obert of Autodesk kicks off MAYA MONDAYS.

Big thanks to Daryl Obert of autodesk and his Maya Mondays with tips tricks how-tos and updates every monday, be sure to check out Daryl's blog on the area for his other informative postings.
I hope Daryl can keep this up.. sounds really good.

Monday January 27th ( the first official monday for Daryl)

Monday February 3rd ( set driven keys) #2

Monday Feb 10th   Depth Of Field #3

Monday February : Render Layers , Render Passes , and Post. #4

Monday March 3rd : Textures

Monday March 10th

Monday March 17th :  Artist Janet Echelman  Net Sculptures Maya plug-in

Monday March  24th: BiFrost Attribute Tests from Igor Zanic

Monday April 1st : BiFrost Shader

Monday April 7th : inside the back of the  Autodesk NAB booth

Monday April 14th : Maya 2015 now available!

Monday April 21st : Setting up an environment for VP 2.0 using recap etc


Monday May 12th :  M and E webinar  "controlling complexity with xgen in Maya 2015"
 MAY 20th
webinar sign up

and in case you missed it.. it will be available for review here:

and the youtube channel

Monday May 19th :   XGEN index archive tool

Monday June 2nd :   XGEN  tube groom for long hair

Monday June 16th
 No video this week , but a shout out to the mental ray blog
 Lots of great info on this blog, take a look:-)

Monday June 30th : XGEN Stray Hair

( from Daryl)
The two expressions I used are
Frequency:  stray() ? 1 : 10
Magnitude:  stray() ? 1.5 : .1

Monday July 14th : Maya IBL rendering

Monday July 28th  : Ocean Shader

Monday August 4th : Maya Subscription options

Monday August 18th: XGEN improvements in 2015 Ext 1

Monday August 25th : XGEN  spline outputas curve

Monday October 20th : EXT 1 color picker

Monday October 27th : m2015 nParticle tip/workflow

Monday Nov 3rd : Bifrost wet Sand Effect

Monday Nov 10th Maya 2015 IBL bug workaround...

Monday Nov 17th Maya 2015 - Deformer order

Monday Nov 25th nhair tips and tricks..

Monday Dec 10th nhair tips and tricks 2

Monday Dec 22nd Tips and Tricks with BlendShapes.

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