Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec 11th meeting recap

Thanks again to our presenters Mark and Kyle, and to Kathy of CADA and Cinesys-Oceana!

 Here is a link to Mark's blog in case you didn't quite catch everything he did.

  main take away for me was:
      While the one-click buttons are great for transferring back and forth from maya to softimage, you may want to take the power back and use the cache manager from soft for porting particle info back to maya for best results..  and be sure to add rotatePP or any other special channels you might need back in maya that don't come across by default ( another good one is objectID if you are using multiple instanced objects) 

I definitely suggest taking a deeper look into zync for those of you that are interested.. I honestly do believe this is a game changer in our industry.  Every one wants it cheaper faster better.. ZYNC definitely helps in those categories.

thanks again to everyone who came out to watch and participate and look forward to more of these in 2014 ( when we'll all be using maya 2015 )


( some bad iPhone photos from the event... )

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