Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maya 2013 Bonus Tools - released!



What’s New in Maya 2013 Bonus Tools:
  • Modify: Drag Move Tool
  • Modify: Mirror Translate/Rotate
  • Modify: Copy Pivot from Last Selected
  • Modify: Align Pivot(s) to Bounding Box
  • Window: Attribute Editor Template Builder
  • Animation: Pose Blend Shape Editor
  • Modeling: Flatten Components
  • Modeling: Slide Components
  • Modeling: Delete Edge Tool
  • Modeling: Delete Vertex Edges Tool
  • Modeling: N-Sided to Quad Tool
  • Rendering: Refresh Texture Swatches
  • Rendering: Auto Layer Texture(s)What has been fixed or updated:
  • Modify: Proportional Transform
  • Modify: Store Transform Values
  • Create: Create Menu from Shelf
  • Display: Toggle Single/Double Sided
  • Display: Toggle Poly Surface Area HUD
  • Display: Toggle Poly Volume Area HUD
  • Animation: Store Pose
  • Animation: Time Warp Animation
  • Modeling: Merge All Verts/Edges by Distance
  • UV Editing: Auto Map Multiple Meshes
  • Rendering: Change Texture Paths

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