Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oct 11 meeting recap

Great to see everyone last night!
Thanks again to Lee Fraser for showing us some new mudbox and maya highlights.
I highly recommend everyone get the subscription advantage pack upgrade. Not just for the node editor, the bullet plugin, but also for some of the fixes, its well worth it!

also big thanks to Joe Burrascano of Nathan Love. That was an awesome presentation of what goes into the creativity in their spots!

and an ongoing thanks to Steve Strong and Ari Klingman of Oceana for lending us the space, beer, pizza , and audio visual. It would have been a lot different if we had to huddle around a laptop in a seedy bar!

Stay tuned, I'm planning for a early November/December meeting and I'm going to post more on this Blog. And as always, comments crits, suggestions, help, bribes are welcome!

I posted some (albeit poor blackberry) photos from the night...

Also be Sure to check out "Klop Drop" which is what Joe was alluding to, but I don't think ever showed!

Klop Drop from Mothership on Vimeo.

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